August 24. G9t this page w9rking just n9w. I have 6een fr9nting f9r a while 6y my standards, since mid-aftern99n; 6ut I think I'm starting t9 l9se my grip again. It's a relief, h9nestly. I feel s9rt 9f aimless t9day, the things I w9uld n9rmally want t9 d9 d9n't interest me right n9w. I have felt tired since I w9ke up. N9nethless I have 6een w9rking 9n this, plus a playlist 9f music I enj9y fr9m 9ur library (...Well. More Karkat's library). I even s9cialized a little, it was pleasant. Eating pasta right n9w. Things are 9verall g99d dispite my tiredness. M9stly a quirk kind 9f day, t99. That is all f9r n9w.